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Starter's Kit

Doing business in Thailand can be worrisome at times. The NTCC has prepared a market entry support kit for companies who wish to set up business in Thailand. In the extensive report one can find the following information:
The Thai economy/ business environment

What is the current economic situation? In what ways does the Thai governement promote foreign investments and for which government subsidies can one apply?

Setting up a company in Thailand

What steps should be taken prior to setting up a company in Thailand? Which business structures are prominent in Thailand and which one is most suitable for your business; is partnership to be considered, a sole proprietorship or a public limited company? What are the steps required to set up a company and what additional requirements have to be fulfilled?

Setting up a private Ltd.

One can find all the information needed to go through the procedure regarding : work permits, memorandum of association, statutory meetings, (tax) registration, etc.

Thai regulations

NTCC has collected information about: ownership / shares, housing / property ownership, labor / work permits / Visa, administration, tax, finance and safety / Insurance.

Practical tips

Some practical information accumulated during the many years the NTCC office has been open. There are certain Do's and Don'ts when it comes to doing business in Thailand, some approaches to handle matters that will make business run more smoothly and lessons that other companies have learnt the hard way. Rather than have each company find out by trial and error, the NTCC is keen to promote what has been learned so far and increase the learning curve of Dutch companies.

List of contacts and institutions

The NTCC has an extensive list of contacts, which will aid in the process of setting up a business in Thailand. You can find the addresses of the appropriate government institutions to deal with as well as financial and legal advisors and business consultants. Every information that may possibly be of interest to you has been included in the list.

If you are interested in this service please follow this link, fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.

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