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Always striving for new business opportunities for our growing and diverse 300+ member companies and individuals which we proudly represent, ranging from startups to global market leaders.



The Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) was established in 1991 by a group of Dutch businessmen. At the time, Dutch investments in Thailand were increasing rapidly and it was felt that a more formal representation of the Dutch private sector was necessary.



The main objective of the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce was, and still is today, to provide information and services concerning trade, commerce, industry, finance and investment in Thailand as well as in the Netherlands. To expand and facilitate trade between the two countries the NTCC represents Dutch business interests in relation to the government of Thailand, Thai opinion leaders and decision makers, to other Chambers of Commerce, and to the media in Thailand. The NTCC also promotes learning from each other, creating partnerships and building bridges between Dutch and Thai companies.



The NTCC is a membership organization. It is fully self-funded with no financial support from government or any other Dutch or Thai external sources. At the moment almost all Dutch companies operating in Thailand are member. We currently have and are proud to represent around 300 members, ranging from startups, SME's and global market leader multinationals. A growing, dynamic organization and one of the largest Dutch Chambers with the ASEAN region.








During the last Annual General Meeting, the new Board of Directors was elected for the period 2018 - 2020 and consists of the following members; 


Stefan van der Sluys

Mr. Stefan van der Sluys, President
Best Global Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.



ParichatMs. Parichat Haehnen, Vice-President Co., Ltd.



Rob HurenkampMr. Rob Hurenkamp, Vice-President
Mazars (Thailand) Ltd.



Marco NewMr. Marco Belonje, Director
Virtue Technology Co., Ltd.



Attapol NewMr. Attapol Lohkittivanich, Director
Cryotech Asia Co., Ltd.



Manuel MadaniMr. Manuel Madani, Director
VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.



Vipas NewMr. Vipas Paovarojkit, Director
Friesland Campina (Thailand) PCL 




Ernst OttoMr. Ernst-Otto Smit, Director
Green Wood Travel Co., Ltd.



Viroj NewMr. Viroj Vithayaveroj, Director
Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.




The Board of Directors has appointed Hans van den Born as Executive Director who, together with his team, will perform general management and administration of the activities of the Chamber.


Hans New

Mr. Hans van den Born
Executive Director



Earng 2

Ms. Suphakarn Varinpramote (Earng)
External Connections & Partnerships Manager




Ms. Papatsorn Krunggratoke (Ploy)
Membership Engagement & Event Manager




Ms. Hattaya Thongngam (Ani)
Accounts & Office Manager


Additionally, the permanent office is continuously supported by student- and/or freshly graduated trainees from the Netherlands:



Mr. Sebas Mak
Marketing & Communication Manager





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Adding value to your membership by lobbying collective interests, sharing knowledge through our extensive network of professionals and organizing various events throughout the year addressing eye-opening topics with expert guest speakers.


Over the years the Netherlands - Thai Chamber of Commerce has developed a host of activities and services for its members, such as:



The NTCC advises Dutch business people on how to do business in Thailand. For this they can rely on the experience of other NTCC members, but also on the advice of a number of professional organizations such as banks, lawyers and accounting firms.

Annually hundreds of Dutch and Thai businesses contact the chamber for referrals, commercial information, business assistance, seminars, social events and publications. The NTCC has relevant documentation available about importers, exporters and manufacturers in Thailand. It has extensive contacts with the Thai private sector and government so that Dutch companies can be directed to the proper sources/agencies.



The Chamber publishes a quarterly magazine "Commerce". The magazine is distributed in Thailand and in the Netherlands and contains articles that are of interest to members and to anyone who is involved in trade between the two countries. Please have a look at our library for the latest copy.

In addition, the Chamber has an extensive database of business directories that can be consulted at any time. In its library the NTCC has statistical datasets, BOI reports, directories of all other chambers operating in Thailand and information on Import and Export regulations. We keep members updated on trade fairs and industry specific exhibitions.




The NTCC participates in the European Association for Business and Commerce, set up with the support of the European Union. The EABC intends to contribute to improve the European trade and investment environment in Thailand and to increase European exports and investment in Thailand. More specifically, the EABC is set up to facilitate market access for European companies in Thailand and to promote Thailand and ASEAN as high potential markets for European companies.



We can provide companies with a financial scan of Thai companies they wish to cooperate with as well as a scan/analysis of the market they wish to enter. Such a market entry report will quickly inform you about the possibilities and opportunities that typify the market you want to enter.



Networking is an important activity for NTCC members. Recognizing this, the chamber organizes regular informal networking events as well as breakfast/lunch/dinner talks and seminars with guest speakers who address current economic issues, management challenges, ideas for sustainability and information about surrounding countries within the ASEAN Economic Community. We also closely cooperate with other Dutch chambers in the region.

The chamber has several active industry groups with representatives from the various sectors and disciplines like manufacturing, tourism and CFO group. Furthermore, an official Chiang Mai chapter has been launched in 2016 and we also strive to be active within the Eastern Seaboard area, Hua Hin and Phuket.

Once a year a gala evening is organized during which several Business Excellence Awards are presented to Dutch or Thai companies that have excelled in promoting Thai-Dutch business relations.



There are some 30 foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. The Presidents of the Foreign Chambers meet monthly to discuss issues that are of interest to the foreign investor. These issues are then raised with the Thai government so that solutions can be found. The NTCC is particularly focused on trade and tourism related issues within these JFCCT working groups which are both chaired by Dutch representatives.




With our office located within the Dutch Embassy, we cooperate closely with their economic team on trade promotions, specific industry groups seminars and social activities relevant to our members.

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We assure that your investment in time and resources will be worthwhile.



be informed of the latest trends, get connected with the proper audience and to have access to the right sources of information. This is valuable to receive quick and comprehensive answers to all sorts of business questions. Join our dynamic and fast growing association of experienced and seasoned professionals to learn from, share ideas and develop lasting business relationships within a welcoming environment. We assure that your investment in time and resources will be worthwhile.




"I'm very pleased with the cooperation from the NTCC and economic team of the Dutch embassy in exchanging ideas and establishing contacts with larger Thai corporations and Governmental departments"
-Ruud van der Linden, Vibrant Solutions

"The networking initiatives here in Chiang Mai continue to be a great pleasure to attend. Look forward to more such events, initiated by this vibrant Chamber"
-Peter Kouwenberg

"The NTCC is not just raising standards but constantly redefining them in the world of Chambers of Commerce"
-Jean-Francois Cousin, Greatness Leadership Coach

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